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          Archaeon's Awesome Week of Gaming!

          Just want to share our epic week of gaming.....

          (weekly Keyforge Chainbound Tournament)


          As usual we held our weekly Chainbound Tournament. And since this pandemic protocols are still on. We ended up again with few participants, just nearby Archons attended.
          I got lucky to get this deck with lots of creatures, and with a combo of "2x Hit and Run" + "Sneklifter" + "Ronnie Wristlocks". Stealing Artifacts and ambers repeatedly is so fun LOL. Luckily I won this Chainbound, but still all of my matches are tough, local Archons here are great players so all match ups is a hard game to win. GGs.

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          Codenames Pictures
          (5-6pm)(6players, 2 teams of 3)

          After the weekly tournament the group decided to play Codenames. Codenames Pictures this time. In my opinion the best version of codenames. A really hilarious game, where players are composed of 2 teams against each other, A team consists of 1 spymaster and multiple field Operatives. the Spymaster gives clues to their operatives to findout their cards, an intense racing game.

          This time we try using the sandtimer and it tuned out great, all of us always watching the time and the pressure was really there, most of the time we end up an impulsive choice in a very funny way. Thoughout the game, all of us laughing hardly in these hilarious moments.

          (4 Players)(6-7pm)

          Also one of the most loved boardgame in our local group. we already played a lot of this as our scoresheet is almost run out now. lol. this time almost all players have those birds that gives freebies to everyone, free food, free cards etc. so our engine went well. I won this time hitting the 100 point mark with exactly 100 points. It is been a long while since we hit 100 point mark, thanks to all those freebies as all of us score all above 90 points. Still one of the best game, never gets old after lots of plays.

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          Monday (Game night)

          Great Western Trail
          (5-7pm)(3 Players)

          The Cowboy Game! Players are Cowboys who are grabbing cows, selling cows, travelling in this Great Western Trail, incountering Indians and other obstacles along the way and finally reach Kansas City to sell their Cows to try in order to gain in a most profitable way. A fun Euro runabout game.
          This time is try and go with the Engineer Engine strategy and turns out well. while one of my playmate was overwhelm with all the engine building possibilities, as he tries to do almost everything, trying to be jack of all trades and it didnt turn out well, as he is just a mediocore in almost everything. In this session Specialization wins. Fun Game.

          (9-11pm)(5 Players)(All Expansions plus Promos)

          After dinner our two other players in our group arrives. And decided to play one of our most Favorite game: Istanbul!
          All players in this game are already Pro Players! So I need to give my best LOL.
          Early Game: I try to do the Mosque rush Strategy but my opponents are aware and block me on both of my 2nd mosque tiles. One of my opponent opt to use the Letter Spam Strategy early and hope to deliver it all in mid to late game. The other tries to rush the cheap sultan gems, as she is the one who gets the 1st ruby in the game. While the other try to spam easy money from the teahouse and go for money strategy and trade to gemstone dealer. While the 5th player tries spam the caravansary and try to keep the Camel Token (A promo token where players wont discard a card in Caravansary if they have that token)(Here, we call it Bulbasaur, since we as using a small bulbasaur toy token instead of the camel token, LOL).
          This strategy is often used in our gaming group: Playing a money generating card/s, then grabbing it again immediately from the caravansary. Rinse and repeat = profit
          In this game most of us are all focused on our different strategy. This is the reason why we love Istanbul, so many possibilities, so many ways how to execute your plan of getting rubies and also adjusting strategies along the way.

          Mid Game: I am forced to switch strategy by getting my Wainright upgrade just to get both of that delayed 2nd Mosque tiles. Later i opt to get a fully upgraded wainright. I try to visit every warehouses just to maximize my cart and will to to sultan soon, as I have that 2x Sultan card. I thought I am doing well but my opponents are so interactive that keeps grabbing rubies there so i ended up getting expensive trade in the sultan.
          In the end the guy who spam Letter will soon get his 6th ruby. His strategy really got paid off as he delivers almost of his letters and spend all those letters at the same time grabbing those rubies from all of us where we want to trade and to make it more expensive for us. All of us 4 are hopeless knowing we would lose in last moments of the game and we cant stop him, even that tavern block option wont stop him. This is time where we say "Dont Worry, Go for Second!" funny moments. LOL.
          I try my best and i did get my 5th ruby, but the other 3 players also get their 5th ruby and have more lira than me so I ended up in the last place!
          Eventough i lost and in last place, I really enjoy a lot of this play session. I pay respect to my pro playmates. GGWP. LOL. A very entertaining competitive fun game!

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          (11pm-2am)(5 players)

          My 2 playmates are new to this game so this time i am more focused on teaching. This game is from a well respected boardgame company Stonemaier games, who also creates lots of popular games like wingspan, scythe and more. In this game we plant grapes, harvest it, and make wine out of it, and sell those wine. An economic game of wine making.

          We enjoy a lot too in this game as we keep telling wine-making jokes thematically while playing. We also remember in our previous game of this, that one of our players before decided to have a wine making business in this game without even having wine but built a tasting room building first. "So you are letting those tourist drink water in your tasting room instead of wine?" unforgetable hilarious moments. lol.
          I lost in this game and one of the new player wins. I love this game.

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          Terraforming Mars
          (4 Players)(2am-8am)(all expansions plus Pathfinder fan expansion)

          Its already 2am but all of us 4 are still pumped out and exited to bring the best and most loved boardgame of all time (that is for our gaming group, lol): Terraforming Mars!
          Since it is already late we decided to choose the shorter version of the game this time (where all players have already +1 production in all and at the end of each generation the 1st player increases one of the parameters), this is the 1st time we choose this option as we always want a long game (averages 8 hours).
          Me and the other player ended up getting a heavy jovian strategy corporation, me: Saturn Systems and the other is Ringcom(from Pathfinder expansion), the other 2 player choses Aurorai(the one who uses data as 3Mc for standard projects) and the other is the corporation where he places a roving robot in Mars and collect its bonuses. We played a lot of TM (all expansions) already but this is just our 2nd game with Pathfinders fan expansion so i dont blame all three of them for trying these new corporations from Pathfinder.
          Our Prelude cards are ALL awesome, it really boost us a lot. Every time a player drops its prelude cards the other three players go "Grabe! Grabe!, we're gonna lose" moments (it's our local expression means "that was great!" in a most exaggerated manner). I dropped a business empire prelude, while the ringcom player dropped a WASA prelude. yes, even in these early game of set up we all are have fun and have our adrenalin going, lol. These Prelude cards is a really great expansion of TM.
          In first generation, both me and the ringcom player played a lot of jovian cards which give me lots of Mc production while he gets lots of titanium, which is really great as vote Unity in the Turmoil board.
          Hours of non-stop engine-building fun. Lots of political talks too (thanks turmoil board). but most of the time the Unity wins.
          We found out the Aurorai is also strong the Aurorai player manage to get lots of data. Approx 40-50 i think the entire game and that is 120-150 Mc for Standard projects. At my first impression this is a weak corporation. But now i withdraw that. lol
          The Pathfinder board is also great addition to TM. Although you need more bookeeping moments, but still it was awesome, players tend to pay more attention in those planet tags. also i love those "everyone draws a card" trigger.
          In this game we also randomed the pathfinder colony where players get a planet tag and science tag. and also the trade effect is really helpful.

          In our Generation 6, we could posibly end the game. I want to end the game, as i see i am really advantage in the game atm. but the other 2 players really want to extend one more generation. while the Aurorai player has a delemma if he want to end it or not. And the tension intensifies.... Everyone is waiting for others what they will do. The "discard 1 card= gain 1 Mc then Pass" nail biting moments begin again.... all players are trying to know if this the last generation or not... there was a lots of troll actions.. lol... (Example: I spent my 3 energy to trade in Calisto colony just to trade 3 energy back lol). also we are aiming for that bonus TR in Venus board that is 3 steps away. since if one player increase venus track once the next player will get that bonus TR.. really lots of waiting and trolling just for that TR bonus. a true really nailbiting intense moments. the guy who has lots of cards in hand obviously won the waiting game as he has lots of cards to discard one by one lol. in the end the Aurorai player decided to extend one more generation and didnt max the last pararameter(opt not to spend his lots of data for a Aquafier standard action), so the other 2 players are very happy in that moment, "What a Relief" for them lol. with one last water tile left to terraform.
          Generation 7. Research phase is all about drafting points! as we all knew this is the last gen. another hour of playing cards. and also triggering a lot of bonuses in the pathfinder board. Those "draw a card" bonuses for everybody makes everyone happy as we keep drawing cards with points. lol.
          Lots of strategy placing too in the Mars Board, everybody wants to take advantage of that open space with greeneries around it to place thier cities. everyone is playing smart in the Main board also some political negatiations happening like "Ill place this greenery here so our cities will share, but dont burn my plants and we vote this party in turmoil board" and other tricky negociations happening.
          In the end after intense counting of points. I won with just a few points! LOL! At last! It has been very long time since i won in TM, these guys are always crushing my dream of winning TM. It has been a long time so ....It is so good to feel victory again! :D

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          (Online tournament)(9am-11am)

          Ive been joining this group online before but stopped because of my internet issues. I have a slow internet connection. It has been almost a month since i last joined here but this day why not try again, maybe my internet will cooperate.
          This online group is hosting Daily Keyforge Tournament here:
          Actually its their 102nd day today.
          After i signed in for the tournament. I am greeted with a warm welcome. "Welcome Back!" Thank you Archons Corner. :)
          I try to use the new deck of my friend.
          Boundless J. Shampsavurh
          Its SAS rating is low but for me it is really a good deck.
          BRIG, Double Ronnie, the Sting with 2x keycheats (Key abduction and Nightforge)
          My 1st two matches went well, internet is cooperating too.

          Round 1
          I manage to BRIG for a lot of ambers and have enough countercheck cards.

          Round 2
          I manage to BRIG too, but my oppoent just "Doorstep" my 18 amber away lol. but still manage to win in thiss very close game.

          Round 3
          In my last match up internet went super slow again. but thank you for my very patient opponent, we manage to finish the game.
          I managed to BRIG again, 38 ambers after that. opp has no TMTP or Doorstep against it, but he can manage it in other way..
          My opponent has triple Miasma, Key Hammer, Drumble (and Arise!)
          He trolled me a lots of turn using those cards.
          i think he Key Hammered me 3 times, Drumbled me 3 times too (I killed it but he arise it again), 3 times miasma me too lol.
          Good thing i have Key cheats... Nightforge and Key abduction let me win the game. Really Long and Epic Match up!

          Thanks for reading....
          And and also thank you to my Local gaming group for supporting our weekly Chainbound and our Game nights. Looking forward more games.... playing Keyforge and Boardgames.

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